LIONHEART (Feature Film)

An underdog soccer player is lured out of retirement by a publicity stunt after his powerful kick becomes viral on the web. The opportunity to sign a contract as a player again can help save his sponsor needed social project, but going back to the battlefield means getting in shape and facing his traumas from the past.  An inspiring sports drama feature film.


Famous supermodel survives an assassination attempt and her husband, a powerful TV Mogul turned politician, hires an old security specialist and his PRÆTORIAN5 team to protect her. But nothing is what it seems. Life among celebrities and stars can hide more dangers than simple intrigues in a world ruled by vanity, fame, money and power.

CLOSURE (Feature Film)

A workaholic undercover CIA agent fighting human trafficking who has his life upended by a dreadful event. The sudden and mysterious disappearance of his naive wife makes him wreak havoc during an investigation fueled by his guilt and his love for her, leading to a corruption scandal at the highest levels of government in Washington, DC.


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